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Do you believe you are supposed to hate rich people? Is this the envy culture that we have moved towards? Anne Hendershott joins Jason Hartman in this discussion on social changes directing how we approach business. Social media is the envy farm, causing tremendous anxiety and fueling the fire of desire that does more harm than good. 

The Politics of Envy by Anne Hendershott

Key Takeaways:

[1:45] A history lesson on Envy, how far back can we go back on this topic?

[4:25] What politicians aren’t a part of the elite class, who’s envying whom?

[8:00] “CEOs, get woke or get shot.” Taken a little too far?

[11:10] Social media, the envy farm, is creating tremendous anxiety. 

[13:20] Tracing envy back to the 1950s (US)

[17:00] Anne distinguishes between bullying and envy-driven cancel culture. Mobbing v. bullying.

[19:14] Connecting marxism and envy.


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